Insta-guide for business

Instagram today is one of the most popular digital channels for business communication, advertising and business activities. Now you can teach and study here, sell and buy, promote your goods and services.

Instagram’s audience is more than 1, 082 billion people. Finding a sufficient target audience on Instagram is not difficult. But it is one thing to find your audience, another – to attract and make your audience be your clients. All these issues were discussed with the expert Alyona Boyko, SMM-specialist in project development on Instagram during the webinar “Insta-guide for business”.

For Instagram success in 2021, Ms. Alyona Boyko advises:

  • Do not cheat subscribers – it is not the quantity that matters, but the quality of the audience
  • Develop your own recognizable style of presenting and post topics that subscribers will look forward to
  • Work harder on quality communication – and it will work for you
  • You need to take care of quality content: useful, interesting posts, good visual design and attractive concept
  • Use advertising tools: interact with the thought leader – look for quality bloggers (influencers), set up targeted advertising

In the second part of the webinar, participants analyzed their own business profiles, received advice from an expert that will help raise awareness about the brand and products, make them more recognizable and popular among the audience.

We are grateful to our expert for quality content, easy and accessible presentation!
And we advise participants – include Instagram in your marketing strategy, make it a full-fledged sales channel, develop and let everything work out for you.