Market analytics in the EU and Canada

Companies, planning to export to the EU or Canada market, has to determine in which country its products will have the best chances. The exporter has to have a clear concept of tax-tariff issues, technical control etc.

Chernihiv CCI experts will help to get information about export conditions and terms for Ukrainian products in the EU and Canada in the form of analytical reference.

Information includes:

    • findings on rates of the import duty in order to choose the most advantageous and preferable regime in terms of tariff control;
    • data on the presence and extents of quotas on products and the remaining extent of quotas at the moment of customer’s application;
    • list of requirements which products must comply with during export to European and Canada markets according to the Regulations and Directives of the EU and Canada;
    • the labelling requirements of products, according to the EU and Canada law;
    • CE marking (CE claims processing to customer’s products and support in identifying procedure of compliance and important requirements which are to be met; detail steps needed for compliance assessment, documents preparation and marking CE).

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