Фото митні послуги

The specialists of our Chamber of Commerce and Industry carry out the export/import of goods, studying the product range in detail, and developing a contract beneficial for you

The export operation in our implementation is:

    • an individual contract with benefits for you;
    •  preparation of documentation and obtaining information from state control services;
    • drafting a rational logistic scheme for cargo transportation;
    • receipt of goods delivery confirmation after export.

With the support of an experienced customs broker it is possible to protect yourself from foreign economic activity currency and tax regulations, documentary, financial, administrative communications with the customs authorities as much as possible.

How does the turn-key ready import in our implementation work:

Outsourcing importing saves your company’ money and time resources. All that is needed is to provide contractor contacts and order information with agreed prices. The Chernihiv CCI acts as your official representative and undertakes all the tasks for processing the order.

This includes:

    • communication with the supplier in foreign language;
    • execution of necessary payments day into date;
    • document analysis and consulting;
    • preparation of a document suite for export/import;
    • collection and transfer of necessary information to the customs authorities;
    • certification and obtaining of permission documentation;
    • choice of transport and logistics arrangements;
    • customs clearance;
    • calculation of total cost;
    • transfer of the processed documents and the goods to the client.

Using the turn-key ready export/import service, you provide yourself with the opportunity to focus on attracting new customers and partners, solving current problems, whilst Chernihiv CCI effectively arranges foreign economic affairs operations.

We work with all freight and express (courier) areas of customs clearance in Chernihiv, Kyiv and Ukraine. Advantages of working with us:

    • free consulting on a full range of foreign economic activity issues;
    • reasonable cost of services, preliminary calculation of fees and payments;
    • specialists with a high level of qualification;
    • full support for turn-key ready customs clearance.

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