Оцінка майна

Valuation activities of

    • real estate objects;
    • equipment and machinery;
    • movable property.

Property valuation is an expert definition of the market, restoration or liquidation value of the property, which includes:

    • residential houses and country houses;
    • apartments and separate rooms;
    • office premises;
    • warehouses and production shops;
    • objects of incompleted construction;
    • equipment and machinery;
    • other movable property.

In what cases do you need expert evaluations of the real estate?

    • purchase – sale;
    • renting out;
    • privatization and other cases of disposition;
    • registration of deeds of gift agreement and last wills and testaments;
    • pledge registration (for example, to obtain a bank loan);
    • insurance (including for insurance payment);
    • taxation;
    • accession to the heirship;
    • by court decision;
    • in cases of liquidation, corporatization or redistribution of the company’s shares, to attract new shareholders or investors.

Documents required for expert evaluations of the real estate:

    • legal documentation (purchase / sale agreement, gift certificate, etc.);
    • technical passport on an object issued by the TIB;
    • for the registration of the accession to the heirship – certificate of death and will of the owner of the property.

Experts from the Expertise Bureau can provide services to clients from all districts of Chernihiv (Chernihiv, Pryluky, Nizhyn, Bakhmach, Novhorod-Siversky, Snovsk) and Kyiv regions.

To order the services, get a free consultation and ask questions about the terms and cost of evaluation you can by phone or fill out a feedback form on the site.

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