ATA Carnet is an international customs document used as a customs declaration for goods that are temporarily imported without security into the customs territory of the country participating in the Convention on Temporary Admission concluded in Istanbul on June 26, 1990.

ATA Carnet allows getting exemptions from customs tolls, customs duties and taxes for temporarily imported goods. It is accepted by the customs authorities of the participating countries instead of its national documents and is an international guarantee of payment in favor of member country of the current import duty and tax in accordance with its national legislation in case of violation of the temporary admission regime.

The processing of ATA Carnets is carried out in accordance with the “Guidelines for the receipt and use of the books (carnets) A.T.A.” approved by the decision of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry dated June 21, 2013.

ATA Carnet is used for:

    • exhibition showpieces, stands, equipment, machine tools, assemblies necessary for exhibitions, for the delivery of promotional materials and samples;
    • the necessary equipment for professional activity (for example, the serviceman carries a suitcase with instruments or the concert group departs with musical instruments and other equipment, suits);
    • equipment necessary for the preparation of television programs and film shooting;
    • equipment required for sporting events participants;
    • materials and equipment needed to provide various educational activities (eg, visual material and equipment for lectures, international conferences), etc;
    • animals (training, competitions, education, veterinary treatment).

ATA Carnet processing advantages?

    • rapid customs clearance of goods temporarily exported/imported;
    • the owner of the ATA Carnet only pays for the services of the organization that issued it;
    • ATA Carnet validity – up to 1 year;
    • possibility to visit during the year not one but several countries, exhibitions under the proper ATA Carnet processing;
    • facilitation of the customs border crossing procedure, since the ATA Carnet is filled in advance and contains tear-off sheets for the customs authorities of each participating country;
    • goods can be returned in one or more batches.

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