Idea. Invention. Trademark. Legal Aspects of Intellectual Property Protection

How to protect your idea from competitors, dishonest partners, investors and even friends? These and other issues were discussed today during the webinar “Idea. Invention. Trademark. Legal Aspects of Intellectual Property Protection” together with Ihor Shevchenko, Patent Attorney of Ukraine.

The webinar was absolutely practical in protecting the intellectual property rights of any product. The program allowed to learn how to register and protect your innovative idea, trademark and other objects of intellectual property rights. Thanks to practical business cases, participants were able to obtain the necessary tools to protect copyright objects.

It is important to take care of legal aspects of the protection of intellectual property, their proper legal registration (copyright, trademarks), management of such objects in order to obtain commercial benefits from these objects.

Particular attention was paid to the protection of the idea. In any case, the idea is worthless until you defend it, so do not delay!

We thank Ihor Shevchenko for meaningful pieces of advice!