Sale Impossible to Store

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 did not change the trends in inventory management and supply chain, but only accelerated them. The challenges faced by business are forcing them to adapt to changes. Are there life hacks that can help build and make a supply chain efficient and prevent a fatal mistake?

These issues were addressed to Viktor Roman, adjunct professor at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, co-founder of InOpter and Avocado AI inventory management services, operational efficiency and lean manufacturing consultant during Webinar on Inventory Management: “Sale Impossible to Store!”

The highlight of the webinar was an interactive format based on real examples and business cases, which provides an opportunity for practical use of the presented materials. Thanks to practical examples, participants have got the necessary tools to deal with the variability (change) of demand for operational and innovative improvement of their own businesses.

The webinar took place, tools and knowledge were gained. Due to obtaining practical tools, the participants will be able not only to analyze properly current situations, but also to make quality forecasts for the future.

We thank Victor Roman for facilitating the interactive webinar, and we wish the participants a quality transformation and breakthrough development!