Business storytelling

A rapidly changing world needs changing of ordinary ways of communication.

How to communicate properly and effectively with customers and employees using storytelling was discussed during the training “Business storytelling – an effective tool for internal and external communications” with Tatiana Pashkina, a trainer in recruiting, storytelling and employer reputation, co-author of the online course “How to find your dream job” at Prometheus, HR expert ( 2013-2020).

The art of writing inspirational stories, which is the basis of business storytelling, allows you to develop new meanings of products and services, and find your way to the clients’ hearts and, as a result, increase your profits.

The theory and insights were supported by a workshop on effective interaction with clients. Participants were able to try themselves in practice solving business cases, receive tips for building inspiring stories and the secrets of making fascinating story.

We thank Tatiana for a very meaningful and interesting training!