Independent commodity examination

Acts on the basis of the Ukrainian Law “On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Ukraine”.

Сommodity examination is intended to define cost of goods or equipment based on its actual state, identify defects and reasons of their emergence.

Commodity examination subjects: 

    • building, furniture, jewelry, cosmetics, haberdashery, stationery products, clothes, footwear, household appliance, photo/radio/video equipment and materials, office equipment, other types of goods and equipment.
    • cost, quality, quantity, technical condition of machines/ equipment/ primary and consumer goods;
    • forest products examination;
    • contract prices confirmation;
    • code definitions: UKT ZED and DKPP.

Commodity examination is necessary to define:

    • product qualitative changes and their reasons (productive/mechanical nature);
    • cost of commodity products considering partial loss of its commercial quality with regard to service wear and damages influenced by external factors;
    • extent of the damage caused to an owner as a result of property damage (fire, flood etc);
    • quality control of consumer and primary goods according to technical documentation standards and contract terms;
    • goods and commodity quantity, equipment ensemble;
    • technical condition of household appliance, product quality, returned during the warranty period;
    • conformity check of industry equipment characteristics according to contract specifications;
    • providing conclusions about operations with customer-owned raw materials;
    • commodity codes according to goods nomenclature of foreign economic activity;
    • extent of the damage to natural or legal person;
    • identification of the physically receipted goods with information mentioned at accompanying documents;
    • calculation of wood processing final product yield;
    • unique manufacturer of products / services for tenders organization and arranging;
    • establishing the fact of manufacturing, work performance, service delivery according to the legislation on public procurement;
    • price certificates about product cost on a given date.

Independent commodity examination undergoes in case of disagreement between manufactures, sellers and consumers in determining the quality level one or another product under the Ukrainian Law “On consumers’ rights protection”.

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They act on the basis of the Ukrainian Law “On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Ukraine”.

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